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Welcome to the Text Free Driving Organization.  We are a group of concerned citizens who want to make our highways, roadways and neighborhood streets as safe as possible.  Everyone knows that the use of cellular phones while driving has reached epidemic levels.  This increased usage has caused countless car accidents but driving while texting is even more dangerous.

80% of crashes, and 65% of near crashes, involved some form of driver inattention
within 3 seconds of the event

Texting requires the use of two hands and frequent reference to the cellular telephone view screen.  Obviously, attempting to operate an automobile while texting is recklessly dangerous.

57% of American drivers admit to
texting behind the wheel.

Our organization hopes to raise the awareness of motorists to this growing danger and to act as an information center for interested citizen’s groups.  We will update this site with information for people to use to lobby their own legislators to pass laws prohibiting driving while texting.

89% of Americans adults think
sending text messages or e-mails
while driving is distracting, dangerous
and should be outlawed.

The Last Text

Watch AT&T's new 10-minute documentary titled "The Last Text," featuring stories of real individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by texting behind the wheel. AT&T created this documentary as part of its "It Can Wait" campaign.

Texting By the Numbers

  • 2.12 Trillion - texts sent in the US in 2011 (86B in 2008)*
  • 3,417 - Average number of texts/month by 13-17 year olds▲
  • 1,640 - Average number of texts/month by 18-24 year olds▲
  • 1262 - Average number of monthly texts by all cell users▲
  • 204 - Average number of monthly voice calls by all cell users▲
  • 500 - Thousand people injured in 2008 by distracted drivers▼
  • 324.4 - Million devices in the U.S. in 2011 (104% penetration)*
  • 310.5 - Million people in the United States #
  • 89 - % of people who want a ban on texting while driving^
  • 80 - % crashes caused by distraction w/in 3 secs. of the event"
  • 57 - % of drivers who text while driving^
  • 43 - Annual cost of crashes caused by cell phones in billions ▼
  • 35 - States that limit texting while driving~
  • 23 - times more likely to crash a vehicle if texting`
  • 16.4 - Billion text messages/day sent in the U.S. in 2011
  • 5 - The seconds your eyes are off the road when you text
  • 4 - Beers consumed equivalent to texting while driving+
  • #1 - Cause of death ages 16-52 - automobile crashes`

▲Neilsen Mobile – 2011
* CTIA – The Wireless Association 2012
^ Harris Interactive 2007
▼Harvard Center of Risk Analysis
“ Va. Tech/NHTSA Survey 2006
` U.S Centers for Disease Control
# U.S. News and World Report 2011
+ Allstate Foundation 2012
~Governor's Hwy. Safety Assoc. 2012 is supported by Fonvielle, Lewis Foote & Messer and the Florida Justice Association.
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